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Dr. Carl Welliver is the "shooting doctor"


I have always enjoyed shooting, even as a youngster. I was quite a marksman and an avid shooter and second ammendment advocate for a few years now. So I decided to take it to the next level. So I got certified as a pistol safety instructor. I am cerified by the National Rifle Association and the Massachsuetts State Police to offer instruction in gun safety. I also have recently added to my endorsements certification in various disciplines of shooting and personal protection by the Phoenix State University in Marksmanship, Hand to Hand Combat, Executive Protection as well as others.


We offer the highest quality of training available. 

Pistol Safety (getting you on track to apply for your Massachusetts LTC)

Youth Shooting (under 18 requires a Parent Consent Waiver Must Be Signed)

Tactical Shot Gun Self Defense Training
Hand to Hand Combat (Lethalo Red Dot Training) (18 years or over only)
Tactical Awareness


Your safety is more than just knowing what to do in a situation but it is a state of mind.

Private, Semi Private and Group Lessons available.






We also offer a variety of products including:


Survival Bracelets (in a variety of styles and colors)
Paracord Keychains (in a variety of styles and colors)





Self Defense Items:

Aluminum Kubaton Keyrings $9.95
Paracord/Graphite Shafted Kubatons (safe for TSA travel) $19.95 

Tactical Pens (as low as $19.95) 

Sheffield Folding Locking Knives with pocket clip $25.00






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