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Booking a Road Test with The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles doesn't need to be difficult.



Here at STOP-N-GO Driving Academy, we have made arrangements with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to administer Road Tests right at our locations on weekends. That's right no need to take time off from work or school. 


OK So it is time for your Road Test! Now What?


If you are under 18 years of age you must first verify that your Driver Education Completion Certificate has been issued by the RMV. You can do this simply by verifyng your record at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles website. 


We will submit your test request and you can expect to hear back from us within a week as to the status of a test. We do not guarantee test dates or locations and once your request has been submitted to the RMV we cannot change the details and if for some reason you are unable to take the test on the date and time that is assigned by the RMV you will be forfeiting your deposit and the RMV will charge you a $35.00 fee for not showing up for your road test.

So if you are having trouble Scheduling A Road Test?

We have numerous test dates available to fit most any schedule.

The process is simple and painless.

No sitting on hold waiting for the RMV just for them to tell you that they do not have a test available for 60 days.

You don't even need to be a STOP-N-GO Driving Academy Student.

1- Simply Register for an upcoming date here on our website and pay the Test Deposit by using our Secure Pay-Pal payment tab and you are set to go. Tests are held at our Stoneham location or at our affiliated school locations or an RMV Branch. The registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to test date. NO EXCEPTIONS! IF YOU HAVE A TEST DATE BOOKED WITH  THE RMV

2- Pay the $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit by PayPal. After submitting the form below you must come back to this page and pay the required non-refundable deposit by Paypal.   Road Test Sponsorship Fee is $150.00 (which includes us setting up the alternative hours road test with the RMV, the use of a school vehicle to take the test in and hiring the examiner and the sponsor for the test, this fee does NOT include Registry of Motor Vehicle Fees.

3- Call the RMV at 800-858-3926 or if you live in the 617 or 781 area code please call 857-368-8000 3-4 days before the scheduled test date to prepay your license test fees to the RMV, If these fees are not prepaid to the RMV you will have to go to the RMV to pay these fees before your license is activated, and you will not be able to drive on your own until these fees are paid. 

4- Show up, pay the remaining balance due in cash (no checks or credit cards accepted the day of the road test) STOP-N-GO and take your License Test on the time and date that is confirmed to you by email. DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO RMV STAFFING AVAILABILITY and TESTS MAY BE HELD ON THE SATURDAY OR SUNDAY OF THAT WEEKEND. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER THE RMV AND TESTS ARE SECHEDULED AT TIMES AND LOCATIONS THAT WORK FOR THEM.

5- On the day of the test, you must report to STOP-N-GO or the other assigned location at the scheduled time with your "Learner's Permit", the completed "Road Test Application" (signed by a parent where applicable - DO NOT fill in the "Sponsor Section") and the balance due STOP-N-GO for sponsoring the test. This payment must be in the form of Cash. Credit Card payments will not be accepted the day of the road test.

Good Luck!


Road Test Sponsorship Fees

Including Deposit

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